Adjustable Shelves

Shelves are conveniently adjustable on 1/2" increments for maximum flexibility.

Rubber Skirting

High quality rubber skirting prevent dust and spillage under the benches.

Stainless Handles

A selection of handles are available to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

Epoxy Coating

A thermosetting laboratory grade powder coating delivers exceptional chemical and scrach resistance.

About Us

Isobenchs is the brand Berkat Saintifindo and Saintifik Indonesia use for laboratory furniture.

High Quality and Innovative Design.

Using Isobenchs, your laboratory will be furnished with innovative design coupled with quality, value and durable laboratory furniture.

Isobenchs offers a complete range of laboratory furniture made from rolled / E.G steel with epoxy powder coated which are designed to meet the toughest demands required by laboratories in various sectors, such as: school and university, research, pharmaceutical and industrial, health care, etc.

Customer satisfacton is the highest priority for us. Therefore, we will analyse and design the furniture according to customer's need.

Our Work Speaks

Check out our latest portfolio project. We pay great attention to details and customer's needs.

Furniture Details

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Modular system is a free standing type with no additional support frames required. It's very sturdy, suitable for heavy duty work and heavy instruments. Constructed using cold roller / E.G with epoxy powder coated.

Modular system offers more storage space with double corner posts design to further enchance the strenght and durability. Cabinets are coverred with rubber skirting.

Commonly used in: R&D Lab, Pharmaceutical lab and Clean room.


C-Frame system offers more seating space with free standing steel frame structure supporting continuous fixed-height work surface. Constructed using cold roller and E.G steel with epoxy powder coated.

C-Frame system are extremly steady. Provide users with a large amount of knee and legroom with mobile and suspended underbench units.

Commonly used in: Food testing lab and environmental testing lab.

Epoxy Worktop

Epoxy resin countertops are a mixture of resin, silica, a hardener and filber which are molded and oven cured as a solid stab.

Epoxy countertops are resistant to most chemicals, moisture, impact and heat. Epoxy resin counterto[s are the ideoal solution for environments that are very corrosive or have a high level of moisture.

Commonly used in: Labs, research facilities and even commercial areas where chemicals are used.

Phenolic Worktop

Phenolic resin countertops are composite panels manufactured by layering natural kraft papers that have been saturated with phenolic resin and processed under high heat to form a solid surface composite panel.

These counter tops are lightweight, hard, durable and highly chemical resistant. They are oil and moisture resistant and are resistant to most bacteria and fungus.

Commonly used in: Labs where hygiene, cleanliness, chemical and stain resistance are atmost importance.


Isobenchs fumehood have certain defining feature that set them apart from the rest. Sleek and durable cold rolled steel exterior with epoxy powder coated complement the various laboratory design. Easy accessibility to the fumehood services such as water, air and electrical makes maintenance effortless.

Isobench fumehood are equiped with water and gas fitting, socket point, and removable panel (on both side) for easy accessibility to the fumehood for services. The inner liner are specially formulated fiberglass reinforeced polyster, the worktop is epoxy with marine edge, the sash is tempered glass and the based cabinet is cold rolled mild steel with epoxy powder coated.

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